Buying a house through auction Court

Secure enough to buy land / home court through the auction? How to follow the procedures and requirements in a court auction?

  1. The auction should be announced publicly through the media as much as 2 x.
  2. Legality auction when followed for at least 2 people bidder. To be able to participate as a bidder, the participants were obliged to submit the deposit amount is determined by the court.
  3. Insurance money will be refunded if the bidder is not designated as a buyer or seller will become the property if the bidder as the buyer after the appointed but that can not meet payments.
  4. Quoting proposed sale of the oral auction officials.
  5. Once declared as the winner / buyer, the bidder is obliged to pay the price in cash following the main auction and the cost of money to the poor officials auction held during the auction.
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One thought on “Buying a house through auction Court

  1. nice info 😀

    basic information for someone whom prepared themselves for buying property things….

    I’ll save it for myself… might be some other time this info very very usefull

    Thanx anyway…

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